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Liquid Soap Tutorial Ebook

SKU: 706 $39.00
My name is Connie Riley Ayad, and I live in New Jersey with my very supportive husband of 19 years. Jon and Josh Atkinson are my 2 grown sons with families of their own, in different states. I also have 2 beautiful grandchildren, Maeva Alexandra and Caleb Nathan. I retired in January of 2016 from a 30 plus year career in retail store management. In that career, I've managed many different stores from softlines to cosmetics and skincare, including Sephora and ULTA. With these two reputable companies, I have gained invaluable skincare knowledge. When I retired, I didn't want to pay full price for body care and skincare, so I began my journey to make handmade health and beauty products. Through much experience, research, formulation and product testing I have developed many products and was able to get them submitted into retail stores and spas; including one nationally known upscale spa. It all started by this spa asking me to formulate a liquid soap. You know we all love a challenge, so I said, "of course!" 6 months later they fell in love with my product and started using my body wash and facial cleanser. In addition to this ebook, I continue to sell my liquid soap paste on my web site for those who, for any reason, don't want to make it. The paste comes with dilution instructions as well. Also, my website offers the thickener that works the best for liquid soap. My liquid soap paste takes the hard-work and guess-work out of the equation. Soon I'll add more supplies to my website that complement the paste and the liquid soap.