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100's of Pearls on Financing & Collections

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100's of Pearls on Financing & Collections

How to make your care affordable, skyrocket case acceptance and get paid every time!

There has been an explosion of new ideas, techniques, and services that make collections easier than ever. Help your patients, eliminate frustrations, and explode your profits!

  • Over 400 Pearls in 76 categories
  • Pre-payment, automatic co-payment, credit checks, statements, and overdue accounts.
  • Better financing options that work. Top 15 financing services compared. How to slash your costs & get patients to want them.
  • 100s of proven scripts, forms, handouts, and policies you can Xerox & use immediately.
  • New answers to age-old problems.

Better Ways to Use Credit Cards:

  • Where to get the best discount rates. Are you overpaying?
  • How to save a fortune by taking debit and ATM cards.
  • How to lock-up funds with credit cards and offer no-interest payment plans with them.
  • New terminals, PIN pads, electronic signatures, transaction software, address verification, mobile units for ops.
  • All dental financing cards clearly comparedare credit, Dental fee plan, Enhance, Wells Fargo. 15 others. Which is best?
  • Secrets to get around outrageous interest rates, stifling discount rates and common rejections.
  • Where to get zero fees and a zero discount rate!

Get Paid Faster:

  • How to get insurance co-payments every time, automatically, for the perfect amount.
  • How to ask for money. What 90% of offices don't know.
  • Eliminate bounced checks forever. How to get them totally guaranteed. How to represent checks for free.
  • Pre-authorized checks, post-dated checks, electronic bank drafting. Tap these bonanzas today!
  • Stop 80% of your billing in 80 days. What statements really cost. This shocking figure will astound you.
  • How to get pre-payment and reservation fees and have patients actually thank you.
  • Fantastic answers for everyday comments like ''Just bill me,'' ''I forgot my wallet,''''I don't want to pay interest,'' ''Do you have a payment plan?'' ''I can't afford it.'' ''How much is a cleaning?''

Smooth Out Your Front Desk:

  • The 7 magic numbers, 5 critical consents, and 21 magic words 95% of practices don't get, that you must have.
  • Simple steps to spot future non-payers, set up policies accordingly, and keep it quick and easy for staff.
  • Cut broken appointments and lost patients 75% in 8 weeks.
  • Silent exodus? Are your collection procedures are loosing you patients? How to find out and how many.
  • The ''Awesome Card'' that stops broken appointments, fills openings, tracks case acceptance, provides estimates, gets informed consent, flags patients, and catches anyone falling through the cracks. Seconds to learn and use.
  • Better proven forms and handouts to organize your front desk, reduce workload, and document arrangements.

Overdue Accounts:

  • How to clean up overdue accounts. Where to outsource them and start fresh.
  • Better collection calls. Get payment right over the phone. How to avoid ''harassment.''
  • Effective collection letters you can Xerox and use immediately.
  • Essential figures that instantly reveal practice health that you've never tracked before.
  • Step-by-step, simplified collection pearls bottom lined for easy implementation. The best tips available anywhere.

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