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100's of Pearls on Fees and Case Acceptance

100's of Pearls on Fees and Case Acceptance

How to set your fees scientifically, skyrocket case acceptance and attract 100's of quality new patients!
  • Over 300 Pearls in 79 categories
  • How to set, balance & test your fees perfectlysing data andscience.
  • Know exactly what insurance will pay every time, with no more guessing
  • New ideas for 100's of new patientsith little to no expense

Determining price points and profits.

  • Are some of your fees too high and others too low? How to find out.
  • How to know exactly what insurance will pay with no pre-estimate.
  • How to test your fees without ruining your practice.
  • Fee surveys. Which ones to use, which to avoid. How to get fee comparisons with other GPs.
  • Where to get professional fee and coding reviews. Are you using some codes too often and others not enough?
  • What's your break-even point, your hourly overhead? What should you be making?
  • What not to do. Avoid deadly common mistakes.

Higher Fees:

  • Amenities and psychology to class up your image.
  • How to develop rapport and loyalty in 60 seconds.
  • Quoting fees. How to get a signed written estimate for every treatment in seconds.
  • Should you give fees over the phone? What to say and not say; from the experts.
  • Justifying fees: How to gain case acceptance.
  • Proven tips to get testimonials and other impressive ''proof'' of competence.
  • Command higher fees by offering guarantees. What and what not to offer.
  • How to get prepayment and reservation fees.

Summaries and Bottom Lines:

  • Fast, easy, clear information, found nowhere else.
  • Solutions to everyday, real-life, practice challenges, you can use immediately

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