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100's of Pearls on Anesthesia & Pain Relief

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100's of Pearls on Anesthesia & Pain Relief

Amazing advances and new tips for the most important procedure you do!
No procedure has as much impact on your stress, success, and profitability as anesthesia and pain control. Help your patients, enjoy dentistry, and watch your practice numbers explode!

  • Over 500 Pearls in 97 categories you never knew before.
  • Better blocks, new anesthetics, new pain meds, tips for hot teeth, poor access, sedation, psychology, lesions, and painful conditions as well as sensitivity and better answers for total comfort.
  • Generate referrals, skyrocket case acceptance, end frustration, and avoid everyday mistakes.

Profound Anesthesia:

  • Failed mandibular blocks. Why they fail and 12 specific steps to take to never miss a block again.
  • 3 nerves that innervate 60% of lower molarshich you don't get with the block! Where to inject for them.
  • How to numb abscessed ''hot'' teeth that resist anesthesia.
  • Intra-furcal, trans-septal, and PDL injections. New gems.
  • Anesthetic choices. Which to pick and why for children, pregnancy, seniors, long, or shorter duration. You'll be very surprised.
  • Septocaine: The truth about parasthesia, allergy, and tissue necrosis? Is it really that much more profound? What it can and can't do.
  • New anatomy. The nerves are not where they taught us. No wonder we have trouble.
  • 10 tricks to give injections that are more painless; even palatals and intra-pulpals. Do you know all these?

Amazing Advances:

  • New ways to numb patients with tight cheeks, powerful tongues, impossibly limited opening, or gagging.
  • The X-tip, Stabident, Intraflow, Hypo, Compudent, Comfort control, Syrijet, Madaject all compared. Do you need these?
  • Better needles, amazing new topicals, safer ways to aspirate, and other aids. What works!
  • PASA, AMSA, Clark-Holmes, Long buccal block (not infiltration), and Wolfe block. Handy injections you must know.
  • Key diagnosis tips you never learned for painful teeth.

Post-Op and Painful Conditions:

  • Advanced better pain meds, antibiotics, steroids, and new regimens. Stop using the same meds from 5 years ago.
  • The simplest inexpensive practice tip ever, worth millions over a career. 90% of dentists don't know it.
  • How to use Botox for bruxism and TMD. Help patients and make a fortune. No harder than an infiltration.
  • How to relieve headaches and myofacial pain in 15 minutes. Great for M.D. referrals. What to charge. How to bill insurance.
  • Better treatments for painful conditions like dry sockets, dry mouth, aphthous ulcers, herpes, angular chelitis, ANUG, candida.
  • Sensitivity update. New protocols for better results.

Relaxation and Sedation:

  • Sedation in any office. Worth a fortune! What to use. How to get training.
  • Acupressure points, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques.
  • How to make small talk to build trust, evaporate anxiety, and make patients love you and refer their friends.
  • Is your hygienist destroying your practice? How to find out. The single sentence that can triple your hygiene department.
  • Nitrous: Deeper sedation, lower dose, and less time. How to bill medical, scavengers compared. Serious new nitrous warnings.
  • Virtual reality glasses, amenities, and 27 ways to relax patients for faster, easier treatment.


  • Are you giving a contaminated injection? Most of us do. 12 simple things to change.
  • Toxicity, epinephrine, parasthesias, and other anesthetic problems. The latest; clear, simple, and fast.
  • OSHA Update. The new Needlestick Act of 2001. What you need to know.
  • ''I'm allergic to Novocaine.'' 15 real reactions that may have occurred and how to proceed. Do you know?
  • Dentist's pain. Break throughs to preserve your back, neck, and career.
  • Drugs and medical conditions made easy. Post these guides, impress your patients, and avoid problems.
  • Top CE courses, speakers, books, manuals, videos, and resources for more information.

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