SHORTEN THE GAP - Short Cuts to Success and Happiness (Paperback - domestic shipping)

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Shorten The Gap is known by experts as personal development on steroids because it's one of the fastest and most efficient ways to learn and understand a collection of subjects that contribute to personal and professional success and achievement. Marks philosophy is that if you want to become the best and produce the best results, you must learn from the best. This book as well as his consistent track record of success makes it evident that he has indeed learned from the best and has now become an expert himself in the science of achieving success, peak performance, and how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. This book eloquently and efficiently breaks down how to: * Achieve any goal 3 to 5 times faster * Get your way more often through Influence and Persuasion tactics * Overcome your fears, uncertainties and self-doubts * Discover your purpose and begin living a fulfilling life * Build deep and meaningful relationships * Empower yourself and others with unstoppable and infectious confidence and certainty * Take control of your destiny and build the life of your dreams
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