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CMS 1500 Claim Form Software

SKU: SW1500 $149.00
Your CMS-1500 billing solution!

Now supports the NEW 02/12 Claim form!
Complete, save and print the CMS-1500 Claim Form

Print or file electronically."100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

-Easy-to-use WYSIWYG input format
-Prints form and data on plain paper for insurance submissions
-Prints on preprinted red Medicare forms with alignment
-Prints red form and data with color ink jet printers
-Small file sizes for quick printing
-Save patient templates for editing
-Auto calculates charges
-Install on as many computers as needed at no additional cost
-Can be used with multiple providers for the same price
-Auto fills common fields for quick completion
-Save patient claims for easy editing and subsequent claim filings
-Generates files for electronic submissions at no cost per claim
-Calculates weekly, monthly and yearly totals

"Finally, an affordable software to improve your productivity, efficiency and bottom line."

NEW Feature: Generates files for easy electronic submissions using Gateway EDI.



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