ProHELP™ Moisture Treatment Creme (2 oz.)



Transdermal Bio-Identical Natural Progesterone Creme - No Soy!

ProHELP is a transdermal natural progesterone creme formulated with USP Micronized, Standardized Progesterone in the 2 oz. jar. Our natural progesterone is derived from the Mexican Wild Yam Root and converted using pressure and heat into a Bio-Identical molecule of Progesterone (identical to the progesterone that is produced by the human body). Therefore, there are no negative side effects or harmful ingredients in our creme.

Progesterone is the "feel good" hormone and can help alleviate symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause. This product can be used by any woman, age 10-100, menstruating or non-menstruating, hysterectomy or no hysterectomy.

Ingredients: USP Micronized Progesterone, Extracts of Wild Yam, Red Raspberry, Dandelion Root and Leaf, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils, Lecithin, Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, Purified Water.

Note: Each 1/4 tsp contains the physiological recommended dose of USP Micronized Bio-identical Progesterone.

Suggested Use:
Menstruating Women (including Peri-menopause) apply 1/4 tsp twice daily. Count first day of menstrual flow as day 1 and use the creme on day 12-26 (for 14 days total). Repeat Monthly. Dose may be increased for more severe symptoms.

Non-menstruating Women apply 1/4 tsp twice daily for 25 days straight, then take a 3-5 day break. Repeat monthly. Dose may be increased for more severe menopausal symptoms.

Best areas of application are where the skin is thin and where you can see veins / capillaries (Inner arms, wrists, palms of hands, neck, face, upper chest, behind the back of the knee, or arches of feet). Rotate the areas of application monthly.

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