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Customizable Ritual Blade

SKU: 10016 $129.99
The handle color can be changed to any material or color of your choice. The gems are usually made with cubic zirconia, but it can made with real gems. Understand real gems will change the price of this item based on what gem is selected. A follow up email will be sent to you, if you decide to purchase this blade. You will be able to let us know what colors and material you would like. We have many more colors than this website has allowed me to post. If you want to email us to start this purchase please do, we will send you a quote based on what you want. We are working on engraving that will be up and running soon. When it is you can send your blades to us and we will engrave whatever image you send us to be placed on your blade.
Category:Swords, Ritiual Items