408147 - Fly, Fly Away! - 25 in. / 43 in. / 75 in. Square Wall Hanging

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Come, "Fly, Fly Away" with this beautiful Butterfly! Doesn't it just remind you of the wispy breezes of Summer?

This picture does not do it justice. You really should come by the shop and see it. See the brilliant purple pop out at you! It is so beautiful that I think that making one of these should qualify you to be a lepidopterists [an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies] in addition to being a quilter!

This pattern has the instructions to make three different project sizes depending on the Pinwheel/Twister tool you use. The "'Lil Twister" makes the large 75" square quilt. The "Primitive Pinwheel Template" makes the medium 43" wall hanging. The "Itty Bitty Pinwheel Template" makes the small 25" wall hanging. These templates can be purchased on-line in our notions section on your left.

Choosing four shades of coloration with this pattern gives this butterfly real depth, while allowing you to better see the individual pinwheels that make up the wings.

The pattern that includes all sizes.