674P25 - Pinwheel OSU - 24 in. X 17 in. - DOWNLOAD ONLY!

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Raggedy Ruth Designs? Patternettes are designed for those small, flexible projects. Use on tea towels, shirts, pillow cases . . . anything that appeals to your imagination! DOWNLOAD ONLY!

OSU never looked so good, whether it is Ohio, Oregon State, or Oklahoma! Do it in the school colors. [Can you tell we're in Ohio?]

This patternette has the three letters ["O", "S", and "U"] included for using the twister-style technique. The pattern is sized for the "Itty Bitty Pinwheel Template", but you can use other templates by changing the pattern requirements accordingly.

If you are looking for different letters, look at "RGR-146 Team Spirit!" which has all 26 capital letters plus the word "of".