097B02 - Twister Chasers!

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Master twister-style quilts with Raggedy Ruth's "Industrial Strength Method" as well as get 5 complete twister patterns included.

"Twister Chasers" is Ruth's new book under her name of Raggedy Ruth Designs!

It includes 5 patterns that individually would sell for $8.00 each [a $40.00 value] plus Ruth "Industrial Strength" method. Her method addresses right- and left-handed quilters, large projects, and how to recover when you drop, or otherwise mix, your stack of twister blocks!

It is 40 pages in full color [well, it's 44 if you count the cover outside and inside!]. The instructions are incredibly detailed - just like looking at a class-room demonstration, except no steps are skipped!

The five patterns are her best selling ones:
Initially Baby
Hospitality Sweet
Fly, Fly Away
Wedding Ring Heart Twist
Twisted Double Lone Star

This brings the quilter through:
A single pinwheel and a 5 x 10 project, to
A Single pinwheel intermixed with a larger design and applique, to
A larger 20 wide with one border missing, intermixed with piecing, to
An example of a quilt that would be normally pieced or appliqued, to A large project with rows that are 50 blocks across.

All with Ruth's "Industrial Strength" method. [By the way, that was one of our employee's description of Ruth's method. Why? Because you can use her techniques get great results regardless of the size or complexity of the projects!]