409146 - Team Spirit! - Wall Hanging/Table Topper, Baby, Throw/Twin

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Choose the colors and show your spirit! People from other states always ask Ruth, “why just Ohio and not my state?” So Ruth took care of that with her new pattern “Team Spirit”.

The pattern contains all 26 letter blocks as well as a block “of” for those names that must have the “of” included. This addresses any team or organization, at any level. For example, you can have a Bluffton High School [BHS], an Arizona State University [ASU], the University of Michigan [UofM], or any other combination.

You can even do initials! Or, words. Anything!

You're only limited by your imagination! You get block "twisted" letters all in one pattern!

What’s cool is that it uses the “twister” approach to making a quilt. Depending on the size of the template that you use, you can get a table topper / wall hanging, baby quilt, or throw / twin quilt. And, that’s without changing borders or using other techniques to change the size of a quilt: just follow the pattern!

The pattern is very uniform, meaning you can add additional blocks or you can even remove a block for two letters.

For example, as in all things California is different with more letters, or fewer, or whatever. We have the University of California at Santa Cruz [UCSC], San Diego State [CSUSD], which everyone else calls San Diego State [SDS or just STATE], the University of California, Berkeley [UC, because it is THE University of California and doesn’t need any further clarification], and even California Polytechnic State University at San Louis Obispo [CPSUSLO, although they would rather it be CAL POLY]!

You can also put your photo transfer skills to use and put a picture of the logo or mascot in a block!

Let your imagination go wild with this great pattern!

The pattern uses different twister-type templates, depending on the size quilt you want. The templates are: “Itty Bitty Pinwheel Template”, the “Pinwheel Template”, and the “Lil’ Twister” template. The original “Twister” is not used unless you want a quilt large enough to carpet your room!