398159 - Twister Angel - Wall Hanging in Two Sizes - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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Ruth created "Twister Angel" to be the eleventh twister-style quilt in her repertoire.

The techniques of piecing, twister-style, and hand embroidery are combined to creating this heavenly masterpiece! I expect this quilt will inspire even more quilters to take up the twister-style technique.

"Twister Angel" is designed to be a wall hanging. The included cutting instructions are for a 23" x 22", for Itty Bitty template, or 40 ¼" x 38 ½" using the Primitive Twister Template.

Of course, other sizes of twister-style templates can be used by simply following the block and border size information that comes with those templates.

This pattern really shines with Fairy-Frosts, luminous and metallic fabrics. Ruth used Fairy-Frost with this one, so it really must be seen to get the full impact!

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