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Volume 4, Issue 3
March 9, 2017
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Note from Kailean

Hello friend,

snowmanI just returned to Wisconsin this week after a whirlwind month of travel. I spent a good part of February in Florida working with, and participating in, events hosted by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists (the GAHP), returned home for two days, then left again on a family vacation to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Leading the pack on our travel adventure was my 80+ year-old mother, joined by six of my siblings and their spouses. We had a fantastic time, and I was reminded again of how grateful I am that I have a family who can spend a week together and still be laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

The warmth and sunshine, cool ocean breezes, beautiful resort, great food, and fun company–all made the trip fabulous. But the most notable thing for me was watching the way my mom took in the experience. She had never been to Mexico before, but she was right there for everything that we did, from golf carting and sunbathing, to having a drink at the Ice Bar (where everything was made of ice), to zip-lining across the ocean (that’s her pictured above.)

It’s so easy to get into a rut of what we think is possible for us. Mom reminded me that the limits are far too often self or culturally imposed. Yes, it requires that we walk through fear and self-doubt, but, in truth, we really don’t know what’s on the other side until we try it and get there. This was an experience that I know mom will never forget.

We talk more about possibilities in the article in this issue: “What Would You Do Differently if You Knew anything was Possible?”

Opening to Possibilities is also the title of a chapter I have written for the book Midlife Transformations, which will be released next Tuesday by Inspired Living Publishing. You can learn about a special launch day program in the “Kailean Recommends” section.

Shine on!

Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC


What Would You Do Differently if You Knew Anything was Possible?

What Would You Do Differently if You Knew Anything was Possible?By Kailean Welsh

“There’s no use trying,” Alice said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen, “when I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

How many impossible things do you believe in?

Once upon a time we believed that we couldn’t sail to the ends of the earth without falling off. Now we travel around the world without hesitation.

We once thought that air flight was impossible. Today, thousands of flights travel our skyways daily. We’ve even blasted out of the atmosphere into space, walked on the moon, and visited Mars.

Would the generations before us have believed that you could have immediate, communication with someone across the world? With the availability of internet, we now easily communicate across the globe. In a moment, and free of charge, we can be connected to other countries, other continents.

How about medically? We can take a heart from one person and give it to another so that they can have continuing life. Sounds pretty impossible, doesn’t it?

Today, I challenge you to reconsider what you think is possible.

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oracle cardsThe countdown is on! Watch for the March 14th release of Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health & Success featuring my story as well as 28 other soul-inspiring stories. Register for VIP NOTICE today to receive a couple gifts and an invitation to the online launch party & EPIC gift giveaway.

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What's Being Said

“The thing that helped me the most about working with Kailean was getting a better understanding of my positive traits and letting go of being so critical of myself. I now am able to use my strengths when things go wrong and life gets difficult. I’ve learned to back away and not always control and that feels very good. Kailean is very kind and I always felt at peace when I left our sessions.”

--Anon, WI

About Kailean

Kailean WelshHi, I'm Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Educator. I specialize in Practical Spirituality--helping people "Illuminate their Best Self," so they can create the life they yearn for. I offer individual counseling, as well as transformational workshops and presentations. I am an avid reader, love sunshine, water, bike riding, and family. I treasure any opportunity to share each person's unique life story. You can get my Free Report "Five Spiritual Truths to Transform Your Life Now" here or contact me at 608-638-0005.


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