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Volume 4, Issue 2
February 9, 2017
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Note from Kailean

Hello friend,

snowmanThis is one of the best snowmen I’ve seen. He is big and bold and he glows from the inside out as he lights up at night. Even though this guy brings a smile to my face, the abundance of gray days in Wisconsin in recent weeks has made winter feel long and dreary.

Starved for sunshine, I am thrilled to be heading off this week to St. Petersburg, Florida, for a Mastermind program and Certification trainings for the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists. The group meets every February in Florida, and it is perfect timing to think about what I want to bring forward in my business this year.

I feel so blessed to be able to share people’s lives and support them to shine their brightest. Over the past year I have watched people in my programs transform their relationships with themselves and create lives that are fulfilling and joyful and soul-infused, and I couldn’t be happier, yet I know that more is coming. For the past couple of weeks I’m been flooded with divine downloads–new ideas and inspirations, so I’m making plans for new projects and expanded programs and am eager to serve many more people in the year ahead.

The article in this issue is Own Your Own Beauty: 3 Suggestions to Loving the Body You’ve Got. I hope you find it helpful in seeing your special beauty. We are a kaleidoscope of colors, sizes, shapes, and tones, each unique and beautiful in its own right.

In darkness and shadow, we have to be the Light.

Shine on!

Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC


Own Your Own Beauty: 3 Suggestions to Loving the Body You’ve Got

3 Suggestions to Loving the Body You’ve GotBy Kailean Welsh

It is not easy to love the body you’ve got.

Ask any person about their body, they will point out something that isn’t quite right. Most people struggle with their body image and want to change at least one aspect of their physical self. Many can present a pretty long list of problem areas, and would like a complete overhaul.

We want to be thinner, or curvier. We wish we were taller, or shorter. We’d like to have more hair or curly hair or thicker hair or finer hair. We want bigger breasts or larger penises or flatter stomachs or thinner thighs.

Negative body image is a serious problem, affecting individuals in all areas of life. We look in the mirror, we see flaws, and we judge our self to be lacking. Body image is the number one cause of shame, leading to problems of self-worth, and lovability. We have become a society of people with eating disorders–a reflection of self-loathing.

Energetically, we are creating and compounding our own health and body problems. It is important to consider: if one thinks negative, unloving thoughts about oneself and their body, how could the cells of the body respond positively?

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Holistic Tips & Inspiration

Use Your Eyes for Good

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of seeing love and care in someone’s eyes when they look at you, as well as knowing how it feels to get the dagger look when you’ve upset someone. So you know how powerful the eyes are at sending a message. The eyes are a powerful tool that you can use consciously to send energy to the people you encounter each day.

Drishti is a Sanskrit word that relates to using the eyes to focus attention on something for a specific purpose. One wonderful way to practice drishti is by using your eyes to send positive and compassionate energy to everyone you meet in your daily life: family, friends, acquaintances, store clerks, and strangers alike. They may not be aware of what you’re doing but they may sense your care and kindness.

Give it a try and see what kind of reactions you get.

Upcoming Events and Learning Opportunities

February 11- 22:

GAHP Mastermind & Certification Training, St. Petersburg, FL

February 20: Mind-Expanding Monday (Note change of date!)

"The Value of Relationship: Understanding Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and More"

FREE Teleclass, 7-8 pm CDT
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March 14: Book Release

“Midlife Tranformation” Published by Inspired Living Publishing.
Watch for ordering information and specials.

March 22: Webinar

“Break Free of the Diet Trap: Use Your Relationship with Your Soul to Heal Your Relationship with Your Body”
FREE Online or Call-In Presentation, 7-8 pm
Watch for registration and call-in information.

March 27: Mind-Expanding Monday

Vernal Equinox & Easter: The Rest of the Story
FREE Teleclass, 7-8 pm CDT
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Favorites From My Bookshelf

oracle cardsI’m honored and excited to be a contributing writer for Aspire Magazine’s recently published ‘Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams’ issue.

It was thrilling to see the title of my article 7 Important Tips to Managing Life’s Most Difficult Moments on the cover of the February/March issue released last week. The issue features Ann Sanfelippo, speaker, coach, international bestselling author, and founder of The Wealth Attraction Academy.

Aspire is a fabulous on-line magazine that has been inspiring women to live their best lives since 2006. I invite you to peek inside the current issue, and check out the 100 pages of love, wisdom and inspiration at no cost to you. Along with my article, you’ll discover empowering content from some of today’s leading visionaries.

Check it out here >>

What's Being Said

“I came away from my sessions with Kailean with such a renewed sense of self and purpose. Her positive energy and serene presence were so refreshing!”

--Emily, WI

About Kailean

Kailean WelshHi, I'm Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Educator. I specialize in Practical Spirituality--helping people "Illuminate their Best Self," so they can create the life they yearn for. I offer individual counseling, as well as transformational workshops and presentations. I am an avid reader, love sunshine, water, bike riding, and family. I treasure any opportunity to share each person's unique life story. You can get my Free Report "Five Spiritual Truths to Transform Your Life Now" here or contact me at 608-638-0005.


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