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In an effort to continue providing the most current information, we want to better understand your life as a parent struggling with vaccine choice freedom, and consider your suggestions.

The survey questions collected were sourced from various means within the vaccine awareness world. These sources range(d) from parents and family members of children navigating through the vaccine mandate law(s), to organizations and physicians, looking to provide the most comprehensive resources.

Following completion, the data provided will be compiled (with survey participant anonymity), analyzed, and reviewed via a series of conference calls with the top vaccine awareness organizations and specifically, Dr. Kelly Sutton (the survey creator). The (anonymous) data will then be provided to those in the community through email, social media, and websites, where applicable.

The main goal(s) of the SB277 Survey are as follows:

*To understand the experience of those parents/caregivers living under SB277

*To provide a deeper understanding of the challenges parents/caregivers experienced under SB277

*To allow new states (beginning to see the effects of vaccine mandate law) to gain learning (s)

*To offer a snapshot of SB277 To the nation

*To determine where to best provide resources to parents/caregivers

As a special thank you for participating in the SB277 Survey, we are raffling off several prizes, from body products to books! All you have to do is complete the survey, and make your desired price selection and submit!

The last day to complete the survey is September 30th at midnight.

The winners of the various prizes will be announced on October 3rd (options for how you'd like us to contact you are at the end of the survey).

We are so grateful for your time! The insight we receive from you will provide vital information and direction to the growing number of families interested in the Vaccine Choice Movement.

Click HERE to begin the survey.


Dr. Kelly Sutton



Liveing Healthy in a Toxic World

Sept 30th and Oct 1st

Find out how to reduce toxins in your life, home and body, and understand how to support your body’s immune system in an ever increasing toxic world.

  • Minimizing toxins in the home – organic food, non-toxic household products, eliminating mold, reducing EMF, etc.
  • Supporting your immune system to ensure optimal health even in time of illness – vitamins, nutrient dense nutrition, eliminating sugar, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Eliminating the fear of childhood diseases and understanding vaccine basics

As a special 'thank you', Dr Sutton's guests will receive 10% their purchase.

Enter LiveAware10 at checkout! 

Click HERE to learn more and purchase your ticket(s)!

See you there!




A Voice for Choice educates people about the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of food and pharmaceutical products and their rights to be informed consumers to know what they put in their bodies.




The mission of Physicians for Informed Consent is to unite doctors for informed consent in vaccination, and educate the public on infectious disease, the immune system, and informed consent. Non-physician members welcome.





by Jeanne Schirm, RN, ANS


$15 includes special instruction sheet

(available at the office)


Homecare principles are the greatest support for any of the childhood diseases.


The loving presence of a capable parent is far better than an impersonal urgent care experience.


Give yourself the tools you need to safely guide your child(ren) through acute illness using supportive treatments instead of suppressive treatments which can invite complications.


Learn to work with the body's wisdom, using warmth, observation, detoxification, compresses and natural remedies.


Let the next illness become a strengthening experience for your child's immune system, and build his/her longterm health.




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