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Welcome to our latest edition of A Thing or Two, marina!

Not that I need a tie in, but since many of us are now in tax season, I thought a business money issue of AToT might be a fun thing to do. Or scary. I'll let you decide. :)

To that end, let's kick things off with a business money story.

Last year, I'd budgeted for a new laptop, iPad, and a new desktop computer. What I hadn't budgeted for, because I didn't expect to need them for a couple more years, were new monitors for my desktop setup (note to self, notice how the major things work together and plan for replacement at the same time to avoid surprises!).

I remember being in Micro Center, talking to our beloved sales guy about the new desktop computer I was seconds away from ecstatically buying, and having him tell me my current monitors wouldn't/couldn't connect to the new system.

My first thought was, "ACK!" My second thought came less than a second after and was, "YAY! Now I have a reason to buy that big, sexy, amazing ultra-sharp, HD 34" curved monitor* I've been drooling over for a year!" Thing was, that monitor was going to cost twice the moolah I'd spend on two smaller monitors (replicating my current set-up).

Did I *want* the Big Sexy? You betcha, I did. With all of my being. I mean, just LOOK at this thing! (with my messy, valentine's-cards covered desk, as discussed last month)

Did it make sense to spend the extra moolah just because I wanted it? No.

But, as it turned out, once we dove into comparing monitors on more than just price, Big Sexy turned out to be, hands down, the smart buy.

And, truly; I'm happy as a clam. Working on it is a dream from a productivity sense. And every time I sit down to work, I just beam at it. I can't remember the last time business equipment did that for me, and I like what that joy brings to my work day. :)

As it turned out, I also didn't need to buy an iPad, because my laptop is convertible. Moolah saved.

And, on the back-end, I'll be selling my Macbook Air, older iPad, and because I just got a new iPhone X, my iPhone 6 on eBay. I'll donate the older monitors, which will still beautifully work for someone but are too much of a pain to sell. On the whole, I'll be ahead of where I thought I would be and budgeted for, even with buying Big Sexy.

All this to say, buy what you need and what makes genuine-and-smart sense to buy. Save where you can. Sell or donate what you don't need. Even when you run a profitable business, the name of the game is to put more money in the coffers than you shell out.

And this is why it matters, beyond the fact that it's awesome to run a profitable biz: it's only when you have more than enough money that you can feel truly safe and be 100% at choice (also true for your life). You don't have to have millions, but you need to have more than you need (called a "reserve"). When you don't have a reserve of money, money will always be the thing that runs you, and the thing that is a sticky widget every time you are making a decision about pretty much anything.

You deserve a life where you can be absolutely at choice, Beautiful. ♥ How fortunate are you that you have a business that can help you make that a reality?

Here's to having the green stuff in wild abundance!


* From time to time, I'll use our Amazon affiliate links if I'm sharing book titles or other things they make available. This is one of those links. I know you have a choice of how you buy things, but in case it makes a difference to you in considering whether to use our link, we donate 100% of our earned affiliate commissions from all sources to charities that benefit at-risk women and children here in the US. This year, we're supporting these worthy folks. ♥

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What we’re loving right now

  • One of our member groups at AssistU has a business book club. Last year, one of the books we read and loved was David Bach's, The Automatic Millionaire, Expanded and Updated: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich*. If you've not read it, I heartily recommend it, as it CAN help you build wealth, but also can help if what you want is just some good, old-fashioned ideas for building security. All of what David shares can be applied to your business, as well as your life.

    In the book, there's a resource I want to share with you. Acorns is a micro-investing platform that allows you to invest your spare change—what they call "found money." Connect one or more bank cards, allow Acorns to invest the difference between what you pay for things and the rounded up amount (ex: you buy pens for $4,25; Acorns pulls $.75 from your account and invests it for you). You stipulate the kinds of investments you want to make, and Acorn does the rest, automagically. There are other things you can do, too, like make recurring or one-time additions to the amounts being invested, but this "found money" part is the jist of it. Oh, and you can get your money out if you need to. Always a good thing.

Things to note

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    Why it matters: Because who wouldn't like to automate getting money back??

Words we live by

  • At choice (noun): The state of having the freedom to choose without external constraint.

    For years, when Grace wanted to do something for her business, she had to stop to think about whether spending the money would cause her a problem somewhere else. She was never able to be at choice about anything in her business until she began running her business beneath her means, saving where she could, and building financial reserves.

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  • Right now, we're just having so much fun each month with our Facebook live gatherings, and they are the only thing on our events calendar!

    Let's Talk sees a varied group of VAs showing up each month and talking through whatever's on their minds and in their hearts. Last week, for instance, some of what we discussed were the hot topic of soft skills improvement, changes in our businesses use of social media, and taking extended time away from our businesses (how to). Also, Facebook...how could we not discuss what we're seeing now on Facebook?

    Unless otherwise noted, Let's Talk! happens each month on the second Thursday, at 11a, ET.  You can check out the Feb replay here.

    We hope you'll join us, sometime (or every time!). If it's on your mind or in your heart, we want to talk about it. And together, we're such smartie pants. :)

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