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Change Intelligent Strategies to Lead through Change and Crisis
July 29


CQ® Virtual
Certification Program

September 11 - October 23

Learn to lead through change and crisis! New session now open for registration - early bird savings of $500 ends August 7! 

YOUR Hero’s Journey
through Our Global Crises

This is the Chinese symbol for change. It consists of two separate characters. One character stands for danger and the other one for opportunity. The dangers we are facing as a global community right now are obvious. What is not so obvious, and what may even seem disrespectful to those who are suffering, is that these crises also contain opportunity. To me, it’s not “either, or” it’s “both, and”. As each of us knows from our own professional and personal life challenges, what doesn’t destroy us does make us stronger. These crises will make us stronger.

But how? People who are more reflective, are more effective. In previous newsletters, I’ve written about the power of letting go of what no longer serves us from the past, of limiting exposure to toxic external messages and focusing on positive productive pursuits instead, and of unplugging to recharge. Depending on where you live in the world, it’s either the summer or winter solstice – the longest or shortest days, or nights, of the year. As we transition seasons, it’s powerful to reflect upon our own experience since the last solstice, and the radical transformation of our professional and personal lives during these crises. As we begin to emerge from sheltering-in-place and go outside, pause first and go inside.

I invite you to explore questions such as:

What have you learned about YOURSELF, about what really calls to you, where your passions lie?

What do you want YOUR leadership transition for re-entry to look like, for your own brand, for how you show up for yourself and others?

Depending on where you are in your career, what do you aspire YOUR legacy to be?

Joseph Campbell wrote that The Hero’s Journey begins with the “End of Normal” and that “opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” I founded Change Catalysts in 1989, during a severe economic recession. I created the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® during the global financial meltdown in 2009, in response to needing to invent tools to help myself and my clients lead through that time of massive uncertainty and fear. I conceived of CQ® during a time of introspection, a respite from the crisis.

The light at the end of the tunnel is you. What deeper power that already exists in you will these challenges help you reveal? What will you give birth to? What new path will you take on your hero’s journey? 

Got Change?
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"The real-life case studies, interactive exercises, individual coaching and group facilitation action plans provided me a ton of value - way beyond what's in the book, and way more than I expected!  I began using the new tools the very next day with my clients.  They 'got' the simple yet powerful process right away, and within a month we're seeing amazing results!"

Join Dr. Barbara Trautlein creator of the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® at these events 

Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Global Virtual Conference – July 14-17  - Change Catalysts is a proud sponsor of this event!

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Virtual and in-person events for 11 regions in the US and Canada throughout 2020!

How can I start building my Change Intelligence today? 

Visit www.ChangeCatalysts.com and download two free chapters of the book.  Check out our many case studies and client testimonials! 

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What's my CQ?  How can my team/organization develop our collective CQ to lead successful and sustainable change?

Check out the CQ Certification Process, and email me at btrautlein@changecatalysts.com to start your journey. 

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