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Volume 4, Issue 5
May 11, 2017
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Note from Kailean

Hello friend,

garage saleLast week was the 100-mile garage sale along a section of the Mississippi River between Minnesota and Wisconsin. It has become an annual event in my family, each year gathering a slightly different cast of relatives.

Pictured with me are my mom, sister, and a couple of nieces. Also pictured are a couple of my special purchases, a 50¢ sign reminding me to Laugh and a little golden elephant from a free box that brought a message of wisdom and sacred power.

We joke about this being a 100-mile event, and that we’re lucky if we get 5 miles. But we’re in it for quality, not quantity. Connection, hot tub relaxation time, and laughter are the most important parts of our garage sale process, and it’s what keeps us all coming back.

It is fitting that the article for this issue is 7 Ways to Laugh Often & Feel Great! Enjoy!

Shine on!

Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC


7 Ways to Laugh Often & Feel Great!

Laugh Often Long and LoudBy Kailean Welsh

Bring on the laughter!

A laugh-out-loud belly-laugh is like a release value. The pressure eases, stress and heaviness fall away, and we find relief.

Laughing connects us with our Authentic Self, our Spirit. It raises our vibrational frequency, which is why once we’re able to laugh, we see with new perspective. We become more open, heart-based, and able to look beyond the problem to solutions. The challenges we face become more manageable.

Research is continually revealing all of the great benefits of laughter on mind, body, and spirit. Some refer to it as a mild workout, an internal jogging, a massage for our internal organs. When we laugh we breathe faster, sending greater blood flow and oxygen to our body’s extremities. Blood vessels relax and heart function improves. Laughing boosts the immune system and raises the level of infection-fighting antibodies. It releases endorphins and other natural mood-elevating and pain-killing chemicals. Brain-wave frequencies become similar to what master meditators achieve. Muscles relax. We look younger. Anxiety, stress, and fear diminish.

And especially marvelous, the benefits remain long after the laughter subsides.

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Holistic Tips & Inspiration

Upcoming Events and Learning Opportunities

May 22: Mind-Expanding Monday

“Finding Balance: Integrating the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in Daily Life”
FREE Teleclass, 7-8 pm CDT. Recording available for 48 hours.
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Friday, June 2: GLOW: Body, Mind, Spirit Workshop

“Claim Your Identify: Embody the Fullness That Is You”
304 S. Main, Viroqua, WI
6-8:30 pm.
Register at

Wednesday, June 21: Summer Solstice Breathwork Experience

304 S. Main, Viroqua, WI
Call 608-638-0005 or email

Favorites From My Bookshelf

The Healing Runes

The Healing RunesBy Ralph H. Blum and Susan Loughan

I like using divination tools for personal insight and a higher perspective, and one of my all-time favorites are the Rune stones. Runes are from the Norse/Germanic tradition of ancient wisdom, and if you’ve studied them at all, you’ve probably encountered the name Ralph Blum.

Well-known as a Rune expert, Blum has a standard book of rune interpretations that has been around a long time. My copy is pretty worn and tattered, but now I can supplement it with this variation that focuses directly on healing.

The Healing Runes offers beautifully written and powerful messages of hope and inspiration to guide your personal journey into wholeness (holiness).

As I was writing this recommendation, I picked a Rune stone to give you a sense of the material. The stone was Honesty, and the first line of its passage reads, “The sacred hand mirror of truth now lies in front of you.”

Seems fitting to me.

What's Being Said

“After spending a week with Kailean, I feel even more inspired and absolutely blessed to learn with and from this amazing woman! Treat yourself to her wisdom!!!”

--BW, WI

About Kailean

Kailean WelshHi, I'm Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Educator. I specialize in Practical Spirituality--helping people "Illuminate their Best Self," so they can create the life they yearn for. I offer individual counseling, as well as transformational workshops and presentations. I am an avid reader, love sunshine, water, bike riding, and family. I treasure any opportunity to share each person's unique life story. You can get my Free Report "Five Spiritual Truths to Transform Your Life Now" here or contact me at 608-638-0005.


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