Renew / Upgrade

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The Renew/Upgrade page allows you to up upgrade the package you are on, increase your contact database limit, or manually renew your account in a few simple steps. This screen is broken up into several sections: 


After the opening text you will find the Select a Service Section:

The next section allows you to activate any Third Party Integration modules by simply placing a checkmark in the Select column for any modules you would like to activate.


Third Party Integrations to choose from include:

Sometimes we will list some Special Offers on this page. If you see any special offers you can order, or apply for them from this page as well. 


The final entry in this section is a display of the final price breakdown (based on the selections above).


Once you have selected the correct options above, you will need to confirm your billing information; this information is pulled from the Your Account >> Billing Profile page. The information you enter in this section must agree with the information that is listed with the credit card you plan on using for this transaction or the payment may be denied. Please note: phone numbers and billing company name are all required fields.   


The next section on the screen is the credit card payment information followed by a section for check information. It is your choice how you pay for your account, but keep in mind these points: 

Once you have filled in all of the required information, click on the Process Order button near the bottom of the page. If you are paying by credit card, our system will attempt to bill your card immediately and you will know the result within seconds. If you are paying by check, it may take a few days to clear.  

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