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This page provides a spot to enter your business contact information. This information is available to your customers and prospects: your business address, phone number, etc. This information may be given out to your customers upon request - unlike your store Billing Profile


In order to comply with the US Can-Spam law, we automatically append certain contact information to the bottom of all outgoing autoresponder and broadcast email. The default information automatically appended includes your Company name and provided street address. If no company name has been provided our system will use your Contact Name.  


At the bottom of this page you will find the Custom Signature Files section which gives you the ability to create a custom signature to replace the contact information we automatically append to your email (more information below) 


Other fields found on this page include:

As mentioned above, the Custom Signature Files section enables you to create a custom signature for our system to append to all outgoing email. All Signature files submitted must be approved by our email abuse department before they will be available for use. There are three fields to fill out in order to create a new Custom Signature:  

Once you have created a new Signature click the Save Changes button. Below the save button (and once you have created at least on custom signature) you will see the Saved Custom Signatures section. Once you have created a new custom signature it will appear listed here.    


To activate an approved Signature, click the Set As Active link in the Set Active column of the Saved Custom Signatures section. You can choose any Accepted signature as the active signature our system will use to append to your email.  

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