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This page is used to enter information that is used strictly by our company in situations where we must contact you (fraud problems, billing issues, account errors etc).


If your account is set to auto-renew, this information should match what is attached to your credit card as this is where we will pull the information when we renew your account.


This is private information and will never be given out to your customers - unlike your store Contact Profile.


The first section of fields found on this page are used for our internal purposes in the event that we need to contact you regarding your account with our system. Also, if you are promoting our system, or have in the past, this information is also used for payment: 

Below this first section you will see a Status Summary section with a single field that you can use as a reference to see what package you are currently on.


Next you will find the Payment Information section. Since we automatically rebill your account for renewals, it is important to ensure that this information is always up to date in order to prevent your account from expiring accidentally. You will find three options in this section:  

Note: On American Express cards, there is a 4-digit code on the front of the card, just above and to the right of the embossed card number.


The last section of this page provides the following fields:

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