Access Management

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The Access Management page is where you can manage the users of your account as well as manage and create roles. This page also comes equipped with a search functionality and is where you can edit your username and password. The page is divided into two sections: Account Owner and Access Management.


The Account Owner section lists the Name, Username and Password (appears as XXXXXX) of the owner of the account.

To edit these fields, click the Edit button.


The Access Management section is where you are going to manage your users and their roles.


This section is split up into three tabs which include:


The Manage Users tab will list all current users and is where you can create and edit users. Within this tab you can Search for users by selecting the type of role you wish to search all with whether the has been user is enabled, disabled or both. Use the Search button to execute the query.


Below the Search bar you will notice a table,which contains the following columns:

The Manage Roles tab lists all of the stock roles and custom roles available to you to assign to your users. To create your own custom role, click the Create New Role button which will redirect you to the Create Role page.


The roles are listed in a table with the following columns:

The Access Log tab is where you can view the activity of your users. You will notice the following search options in this tab:

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