UPS Setup Directions

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Quick Instructions:

  1. Click Here to register for your UPS® User Name and Password

  2. Click Here to Login and get your Developer Key

  3. Click Here to Login and get your XML Access Key

Detailed Instructions:

You have chosen to setup your personal UPS account for real-time rate calculations. To complete the setup, you will need your UPS account number. You can sign up for a UPS account in Step 2 if you do not have one.

STEP 1 - Register for

STEP 2 - Get your Developer's Key

STEP 3 - Get XML Access Key

STEP 4 - Integrating Your UPS Account with Your Shopping Cart Account 

STEP 5 - Editing Your Carrier Shipping Options 


You will now find yourself on the Realtime Calculation Shipping Options page where you can choose which shipping options are available to your contacts. The four columns you will see are: 

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