Setting Shipping

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Our Shopping Cart system provides you with maximum flexibility for charging your customers proper shipping amounts on their purchases.


Once you have setup the shipping calculation our system will use to charge your shipping amounts, your customers will automatically see the shipping total (or shipping options!) on the order form.


Available shipping types are:

The next section on this page is titled Setup Ship-To Countries. Clicking on the link in this section will take you to a page that will allow you to choose which countries you ship to, and which ones you won't ship your products to. Simply use the arrows provided to move the country names into the appropriate column. You can also choose which state/provinces to exclude from your cart. Simply select the state or province and click the left arrow to move the option to the "Your excluded States/Provinces" section.


On this page you can also choose which country will appear on your order form by default when your contacts arrive at your order form. The default is to show United States as the country. You can change this to any ISO country of your choice using the drop down box provided.


On the Setup Ship to Countries page you can also choose to show the America APO addresses in your state field.  


The third section on this page is titled Update Current Products. There is a drop-down box in this section that will let you update the Shipping Calculation field for all of your products to either Yes or No at the same time. This will control whether your products will include shipping prices or not.

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