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The Realtime Shipping Calculation option allows you to choose between 5 Major Shipping Companies to provide INSTANT shipping prices to your customers. And because our Real-Time Shipping Module is linked up through your own personal account with your selected Shipping Company, our system will always return ACCURATE prices! 


This shipping method allows you to use your own account with your preferred shipping company to return and charge accurate shipping values without holding up your customers. You can use an account with any of these popular shipping carrier: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and Canada Post.   


Our system will enable you to offer just one of these shipping providers to your contacts, or you could setup an account with multiple shipping companies in order to provider your customers with a choice of how to mail their product.


Once you select the Realtime Calculation option, you will be given the choice to offer free shipping to your customers if they order more than a specified amount of products (in dollars). You will also need to set the Default Product Dimensions; Length, Width and Height in Inches. By default, all products have a minimum length, width and height of (1" x 1" x 1") to ensure you will always receive rates from the shipping provider. Setting the Default Product Dimensions will apply to all active carriers and products.


When you continue to the next step, you will see a tab for each shipping carrier, simply click on the carrier you would like to offer and fill out the applicable information. You will only need to do this once. When you are done, click on the Next Step button.  


You will now find yourself on the Select Realtime Methods page where you can specify which shipping options, provided by your selected carrier, you would like to offer your customers. Clicking on the Carrier tab you setup on the previous step will display all available options. Simply place a checkmark in the Apply column for each option you would like to offer your customers.  


If you would like to add a $ or % amount to the shipping value that is returned, you can do so by filling out the Handling Amount field. Whatever amount you specify will automatically be added to all shipping prices returned by your carrier before being display to your contacts. Whatever amount you specify will be applied to all rates you choose.    


Clicking on the next step button one more time will take you to the Backup Shipping Table page where you can setup a simple shipping calculation that will be used in the event that we cannot communicate with your carrier for any reason.


Note: PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout is now compatible with Realtime Calculation Shipping!


For more detailed information on specific Carriers, please see the following links:

* Attention Virtual Media users... Virtual Media requires you to use Real Time Shipping as your shipping method, but only accepts certain Real-Time Shipping options! Click Here to learn more! 

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