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There are several types of discounts that you can setup within your account. The Order Discounts page allows you to setup a discount structure based on your customers order dollar total, enabling you to offer automatic price breaks for customers who order more.   


You should see No discounts currently defined in a shaded box following the opening instructions when you first visit this page. This is where your discount table will appear once you have created it. 


At the bottom of this page, you will see three fields; Lower Limit, Upper Limit, Discount and Type.  


The Lower and Upper Limits are numbers representing the dollar range you would like to offer a discount for. In other words, the grand total of your customers order will need to fall within the range that you specify in order to receive the discount. 


The Lower Limit can never be set lower than $0.01, and you cannot actually change this value. It is displayed here for easy reference while setting your Upper Limit


The Discount and Type field is how you specify the actual discount to be applied to the range that you set above. There are two types of discounts: 

Once you set your Upper Limit and Discount Type, just click the Add Order Discount button to create your first discount level. You will notice that the Lower Limit field is automatically updated to be one penny above the previously set Upper Limit. This prevents over-lapping discount levels.  


You can create as many discount levels as you would like.  


* Tip - Generally, the first level that you create will have a discount of $0 (or 0%). This is how you specify the range where your customers will have to pay the regular product prices. 

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