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The Quick Link Builder allows you to quickly create a product link for sharing. You can find the Quick Link Builder in two separate places:


Manage Products:




And on the Links tab in Product Details:



Presentation Options


The first step of this feature will allow you to choose what type of Link you wish to create. You may choose from:


By clicking on the + icon, you will reveal the Advanced settings for creating a button or link; these are described below:


Affiliate ID - Create a custom link for an affiliate using this field. By entering the ID of one of your affiliates into this field, you can create a very custom link or button they can use to promote you or your products.

Quantity - If you want to add a quantity of more than one of a given product when the Customer clicks the link, enter the quantity number you want to start them at in this field.

Clear Cart Before Adding - When checked, the customer's cart will be cleared before adding this product.

Link Behavior - This allows you to customize the Customer experience when they click your product link:

Send Customers to Checkout Process - sends the customer directly to the checkout page.

Send Customers to Mobile Checkout - sends the customer directly to the mobile version of the checkout.

Send Customers to Product Specific Destination URL - sends the customer to a destination url specified within the product link options. If no current destination url exists, the customer will be re-directed to the catalog url.




When finished, click the Generate Links button at the bottom of the module. Your custom 1 and 2 Step Checkout links will appear once complete. You can select and copy your links to place within your website or email, autoresponders, and broadcasts for your customers to view.



If you chose to produce a QR Code, the confirmation page with your links will look like this instead:


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