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The Categories page gives you the control to organize your product database. From this screen you can create categories and subcategories, as well as delete and edit previously created categories all with only a few easy clicks.


Categories can be used to organize your product database. Categories enable you to keep different product lines separate, or to keep products for entirely separate businesses better organized.


Each category you create will show up on the list in the Name column. If the name of one of your categories is indented, this means that it is a sub category of the category immediately above it. There is no limit to how many sub categories you can create. To expand all categories, listing all subcategories, simply click the "plus" button beside the Name column title. To minimize all categories simply click the "minus" button.


The ID column lists category id number that helps you to distinguish between each category.


The number you see in the Products column represents the number of products that have been added to each category. The number you see next to a parent category only indicates the number of products in that category directly but does not include the products in each of the sub categories. 


A product can belong to more than one category at a time.


If you see a 0, this means that you have not yet added any products to this category. You can add products to a category from two places:

  1. The top of each Product Details page (Products >> Manage Products, then edit a product) has a field that you can use to specify which category the product should be included in.

  2. Click on Products >> Categories from the main menu.

When you first visit this screen you will not see any categories, so the first thing you need to do is click on the Create New Category button. You can create as many main categories as you need to in order to keep your product database organized.


The Featured column allows you to select which category you would like to set as your featured category. You are allowed a maximum of 12 featured categories.


The Hide column allows you to select which category(s) you wish to hide from displaying in your store. If the box is checked, the category will not appear in your store. If unchecked, the category will appear in your store.


The Rank column allows you to rank your product categories based on order of importance. Simply use the down arrow to de-rank the category or the up arrow to rank the category higher.


At the bottom of the page, the Save button saves your changes and the Reset Ranks button clears all ranks and resets them.


You will also see both a Delete and an Edit button once you have created a category. Using these links will either delete the category (you will be prompted before the category is removed) or edit the name of the category. You cannot delete a parent category as long as it has sub categories.  


Once on the Create Category page you will find and fill in the following fields:


You will also notice the Category Attributes section. If you have created any category attributes, you will be able to enter values in for the category attributes you have created.


You will also notice the search bar located above the product table:

The search bar which allows you to search for specific products you have created. Also contained on the search bar are two buttons, contains and starts with, that allow you to be specific with your search. With the “contains” button selected, any characters typed into the search field will return all products that contain these characters in their product name. With the “starts with” button selected, any characters typed into the search field will return all products which have product names that start with these characters.


To further expand your search you will notice the Show/Hide button on the right side of the search bar. Clicking the Show/Hide button will expand the search bar to include Display by Product Type and Display by Category.


Display by Product Type: allows you to search for a specific type of product including Digital Products, Doba Products, Recurring Products, Featured Products and All Products.


Display by Category: allows you to search for a product contained within a product category that you have preciously created. You can also choose to click the checkbox beside the Display by Category option; in doing so your search will exclude the category you have selected.


Located below the search bar are the Search and Reset buttons. The search button conducts a search based on the criteria set within the search bar. The reset button clears your previous search and displays all products.


The system will issue a category ID number to each category and sub category you create. This number is not editable and is used during product imports only. This number will allow you to import products directly to this category or to more than one category at one time.

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