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The Create Product page allows you to create new products. The screen is divided into six tabs; Details, Settings, Downloads, Links, Template and Recurring. To navigate from section to section, simply click the tab you wish view.


The Details tab includes the basic product information and contains the following fields

The Settings tab includes all of the product settings and is split up into different sections which include:

Sale Pricing





Packing Slip Display Options 

3rd Party Integrations

The Images tab is where you can Add, Edit and Create a Product Image(s) for your product. You will notice on this page a table with 5 different columns and a read-only field located above the table.


The table in the Images tab consists of the following columns:

Important Note: If an image has been removed from the Media Library:

The Downloads tab includes all settings for digital downloads and includes the following fields:

The Links tab is split up into two sections; Navigation and Product Links and includes the following fields:


Product Links:

The Templates tab is split into three different sections; Product Page Template, Product HTML and Meta Information and includes the following fields:


Product Page Template 

Product HTML

META Information

The Recurring tab contains all the recurring settings associated with your product and includes the following:

The Attributes tab is where all your product attributes will be listed that you have previously created. You will notice the attribute name and the text field beside the attribute name. The text field is where you enter the value for the product attribute for the specific product you are modifying. Note: These field are HTML enabled.


There is a Save button at the bottom of each tab. It allows you to save your product at any time.

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