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The Import Doba Products page is where you can select the Doba products you would like to import to your store to sell to your customers.


The Doba Import Wizard is divided into four steps:


Step 1: View Watch Lists - the view watch lists section is where you choose which watch list(s) to select your products from and contains a table with the following fields:

Simply select the watch lists you wish to import products from and click the Next button.


Step 2: Select Products - the select products section contains is where you select the products you wish to sell and contains a table with the following fields:


At the top of this section, you may click the Click Here link to select all Doba products for import.

To the right of the Click Here link, you will see Display product images in grid; if you select this checkbox each product image will display in the product grid under the header Image.

Note: Imports containing 100 or fewer products will occur in real-time. All other imports will be scheduled for processing.


Simply select the product you wish to sell and click the Next button to move on to step 3.


Step 3: Import Options - the import products section is where you apply product settings to the products you wish to import from Doba and contains the following fields:

The second section of the page is the Update your Existing Products. There are six different options you can select in this section which include: Price, Name, Short Description, Long Description, Image URL and SKU. When you check off one of these checkboxes, the product fields will be overwritten if an existing product is imported.


The final step is the Complete page. This page indicates you have successfully imported or updated products from your Doba watch lists. After completing the import you should review the following steps:

  1. Review all imported products to ensure they are correct.
  2. Rename or edit any product's name, description and image to suit.
  3. Check the prices of your newly created products and make adjustments as required.
  4. Set all new products to active to make them live in your store.

To return to the Manage Products page, simply click the Manage existing products link at the bottom of the Complete page. To import more doba products click the Import more doba products link located next to the manage products link.


You will also notice a Doba Login page located in the Doba section. Clicking this page will take you to the following link: where you can login into your Doba account.

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