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The Manage Products page is where you will Create, Edit, Delete and otherwise manage your product list.


At the top of the page you will see a search bar which allows you to search for specific products you have created. Also contained on the search bar are two buttons, Contains and Starts With, that allow you to be specific with your search. With the Contains button selected, any characters typed into the search field will return all products that contain these characters in their product name. With the Starts With button selected, any characters typed into the search field will return all products which have product names that start with these characters.


To further expand your search you will notice the Show/Hide button on the right side of the search bar. Clicking the Show/Hide button will expand the search bar to include Display by Product Type, Display by Category and Affiliate Program.


Display by Product Type: allows you to search for a specific type of product including Digital Products, Doba Products, Recurring Products, Featured Products and All Products. You can also search for active, inactive or both types of products.


Display by Category: allows you to search for a product contained within a product category that you have preciously created. You can also choose to click the checkbox beside the Display by Category option; in doing so your search will exclude the category you have selected.


Affiliate Program: allows you to search for a product that is associated with an affiliate program you have previously created.


Display by Attribute: allows you to search for a specific product attribute and value. Simply select your product attribute from the dropdown box and select either field is populated or field is not populated. Selecting field is not populated will search for products with the specific attribute that has no value saved in the attribute field and vice versa.


The two buttons, Search and Create New Product, are located under the search bar. The Search button when clicked will create a search for the product(s) you are looking for according to the criteria you specified within the search bar. The Create New Product button when clicked will take you to the Add a Product Page where new products can be created. If you click the Export Results button you can export the search results.


The rest of the page is used to display your product list; your products will always be displayed in alphabetical order. From this list you can find pertinent information regarding your product database quickly and easily.


If you need more detailed information, you can click directly on the name of a product, or on the Edit link on the right hand side of the table. You can also test order your product by clicking the Test link.  


You will also notice a select checkbox beside each product. Clicking the checkbox beside Product Name in the table will select all products. To select an individual product simply click the checkbox located next to the product name. The checkbox's are used in co-ordination with the Delete Selected Products button located at the bottom of the Manage Products page. Simply click the Delete Selected Products button to delete any products you selected.

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