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If you are using the shopping cart aspect of your account, your Regular Orders page may be the one that you visit the most often while you check for new orders.


As a default, this page displays all un-archived orders that have been placed within the past 30 days. You can search for archived orders or for orders based on other criteria from the search area at the bottom of the page. 


Besides looking for orders, you have several actions you can take once you have selected the orders you are interested in. You can export your order information, Print Shipping Labels, delete the orders all together or even export the data in QuickBooks format for accounting purposes. 


If you would like to see more information for an order, simply click on the name of the contact to view the Order Details page.


Across the top and bottom of the screen you will see an option menu of text links; use these options to manage your orders. There are 9 options in total: 

To print your labels you will need to follow a couple of simple steps:

The main portion of this page is dedicated to listing your Order History. You will see a table with 9 columns which are: 

Below the list of you orders, you will see a Search For Orders section. This area allows you to search through your orders on a variety of criteria. Available search options include:  

Keep in mind, the number of orders that appear in this search may not always agree with reports you can generate within the affiliate module. The reason is, this functionality on the Regular Orders page is strictly looking at orders marked with referrals, regardless of the order status or whether a commission was posted, or paid (For example, a Declined order will still show up here and be counted in the total since it is still a referred order).   

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