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The Order Details page is where you can find specific details regarding any order. To reach this page, just click on the date or customers name for any order that appears on your Regular Orders page.  


The core of this page will display your customers Shipping and Billing Information, the Payment Information and the ordered Product Information. You will also find Shipment Tracking options, affiliate referrer information (if applicable), Order Notes and any custom information that you may have setup in the Custom Forms >> Custom Fields section. If there is an affiliate attached to the selected order, you can click on the affiliates name to jump directly to that affiliates details page.  


The top and bottom of this page is reserved for a series of Action links that you can use in conjunction with the selected order:

Note: Orders paid with PayPal will appear in the Payment Information section as PayPal for the Payment Method.


On the Order Details page you will notice there are two different areas for an address; one for billing information, and one for shipping information.   While the billing information that appears on an order will always be the same information that appears on the Contact Details page, the Shipping Address information is unique to each order and does not appear anywhere else. Because of this, you will find an Edit link in the Shipping Address heading bar and clicking on it allows you to update your customers shipping information. If your order has been tracked by a broadcast message, the broadcast details will appear next to the Order ID information.

Below the customer information you will find Order Information that contains three tabs: Products Ordered, Shipment Tracking and Order Notes.


The Products Ordered tab displays the basic information about the order including the Product Name, Price, Sku, Taxes Applied and Refund History. The Products Ordered section will also include any product options associated with the purchased product; including multi-select checklist and input options. Custom field data will also appear within this section of the order details.


The Shipment Tracking tab show all related shipping information and includes the following fields:

The Order Notes tab shows all notes you have created for your order and includeds the following:

The Order Source tab is only displayed for orders that have been referred by an ad tracker, a tracked autoresponder link or tracked broadcast link. We will display a referring ad tracker link and the last broadcast or autoresponder campaign the customer clicked on before ordering.

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