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From the Sales Report page, you can search for detailed information on your business information over whichever time period you need; just choose the type of report you would like, enter the From and To dates you would like results for and click an option in the Get Report column to create the report you need.


For most reports you can also choose to enter a keyword to narrow your search. Search results will be restricted by both the term you enter in the Keyword field and by the dates you enter in the Date From and Date To column.   


For instance, if you would like to see how your Christmas sales have been for a certain product, you would simply enter a November/December date range in the Date From and Date To fields and enter the name of the product you are looking up (or one word from the name) in the Keyword field before choosing an option in the Get Report column. This search will only return results for sales of products that contain the Keyword you entered within the date range that you specified. 


Available Reports are:

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