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One problem that you may have run into is that images called on the Shopping Cart Order Form from your own web site create a security warning. This warning occurs because you are calling a non-secure image from a secure order form and the browser issues a warning; there is no security risk involved, but the browser does not know that.   


We offer a solution to this problem!


The Media Library page allows you to upload images to our secure servers. Once you have images saved to our secure server, our system will give you a URL you can use to display the image. If you are calling a secure image from a secure order form, there is no longer any problem and you won't see anymore security warning messages. In addition to image files we accept files also with the following extensions, flv, pdfand ico files.


The limit on the amount of data you have in the Media Library depends on your package level.

Once you have reached 95% of your limit you will see a warning on both the home page and media library page. To upload more files, you must either delete some of your existing files to make space, optimize your files or upgrade your package to increase the maximum limit of your media library. To check how much data you have used, simply go to the Home Page and look for the Media Library percentage use in the Account Summary section. Your percentage use will also be listed on the Status Summary page under My Account.


The page is easy to use. Just click the Create Folder button to begin creating your file directory. We recommend calling your folders something that will clearly indicate what will be found in the folder. If these are images for your order form for instance, you might call this folder order form. Clicking the Create button will allow you to create the folder with your selected name.    


Once you have created a folder simply click on its name in the folder listing in the file manager. Clicking on its name will open the folder and show its contents. 


Once in the folder clicking the Upload button will open a small pop up that includes a Browse button and a filename field. Note: If you reach your upload limit, the Upload button will be disabled.


By default the file you decide to upload will use the image name as the filename.


Once your images are uploaded to their appropriate folders, simply clicking on the filename will cause that image to appear in the Preview section on the left of the page. Below the Preview section you will find the unique path to that image on our secure server. Copying this link and pasting it into your order form customization area will allow it to appear on the order form with no risk of browsers showing a security warning.  


You can also add the image URL in your product import file to tell the system that this image is the same one you wish to use in that products upsell section.

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