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A Gateway and Merchant Account are required to process credit cards automatically as orders come in. We integrate with the most common payment gateways so you can quickly implement them in your account.


The Gateway Setup page is divided into two tabs, Credit Cards and Alternate Payments.


Credit Cards


There are four configuration options presented here; each represents a different setting for how you will accept orders in your account. Only one of these options can be enabled at a time. To enable your preferred setting, click on the radio button to the left of the corresponding option.


If you don't have a merchant account and payment gateway, or want better rates than your current provider, we can also arrange one for you. The "recommended payment provider" section in green will allow you to submit your application. Just click Apply Now to get started.


Choosing Simplify by MasterCard and clicking on "Complete Simplify Setup" will open a dialogue where you can sign up for Simplify, Once you complete your account setup, Simplify will be automatically configured for you in your account.


Choosing Payment Gateway will open a dialogue that looks like this:



In the first section, Select Gateway, you will choose the gateway provider you use. Once you have selected this, the options will reload with all of the appropriate fields you need to fill out. Give this dialogue time to reload, and don't forget to read the setup instructions by clicking the Setup Help link next to the gateway you have chosen.


In the second section of the dialogue, check off the credit cards you wish to accept. Bear in mind that your gateway and merchant account must be authorized to accept the cards you choose or the transactions will fail. Check with your merchant account and gateway provider for more information about accepting different types of payment cards.


Lastly, the Other Payment Settings section will allow you to choose how to process orders. There are two options for Sale Type; Authorize Only, and Authorize and Capture. Authorize and Capture will pre-authorize the transaction and complete the sale in one step. The Authorize Only selection will allow you to Authorize the transaction, but not Capture it. You will have to manually capture these authorizations through your account or gateway portal if you choose to use this option. Note that Authorize Only orders will not be charged to the customer and funds will not be added to your account if you do not capture your transactions.


Click on the Done button to save your gateway settings. Cancel will allow you to discard the changes you have made and return to the Credit Cards tab.



Click Save to save all your settings for this page.



Alternate Payments


On the Alternate Payments tab, there are 3 options: ACH Check Processing, PayPal Express, and PayPal Standard. Unlike the Credit Cards page, you may enable all three of these options assuming you have a PayPal account and your selected Gateway supports ACH Check Processing.


NOTE: Accepting Recurring Payments through PayPal does require that you subscribe to that feature in your PayPal account. Be sure you have this feature before you enable it.



ACH Check Processing:


This feature can be enabled if your gateway supports eChecks or you have an ACH terminal that allows you to process these payments manually. We do not recommend enabling this option if you are unsure that your gateway supports it or you don't have an ACH Terminal. This setting does not have to be enabled to accept eChecks through PayPal; this is part of the PayPal setup process.



PayPal Express:


When you check off this option to enable it, the system will launch the setup dialogue:







PayPal Standard:


When you check off this option to enable it, the system will launch the setup dialogue:







Setup 3-D Secure



The 3-D Secure Setup page is currently only available for gateway merchants. This tab will only appear once you have selected as your gateway provider and clicked save.


3-D Secure provides an integration with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which enable you to protect your business against charge-backs once signed up.


Simply choose your credit card bank from either the Visa or MasterCard drop-down menus, and enter your Acquirer Merchant ID to sign up.


If your bank doesn't exist on the drop-down list, we can add it. Click on the link in the Request a new Acquirer Bank section to enter your request.


* This is an additional fee service. There is a per transaction fee involved for protection.


To learn more about either Verified by Visa, or MasterCard SecureCode, click their respective logos on the 3-D Secure Setup page.

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