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The Cart Customization page gives you the control to customize various pages that your contacts may see. Customizing pages so they look more like your own web page design will give your customers a more secure feeling when they visit them. Also, having access to the top and bottom HTML of the shopping cart pages allows you to add 'upsells' or other offers to people who have already taken the first step towards making a purchase!  


Note: Adding forms to any section on this page can and likely will cause the Order form to malfunction. This is because the order forms are already enclosed in <form> </form> tags. Adding a second form to the middle of these tags will cause our order form to be closed prematurely. This will prevent the submit order button from functioning correctly, or at all.   


CSS and HTML code is allowed for all page template fields. For security purposes, the following script tags are not allowed: 

Customization Options on this page include:


Cart Contents Page Template

Checkout Page Template

Unsubscribe Page Template

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