Domain Masking


The Domain Masking page is an advanced module that allows you to mask our provided system links using your domain by uploading a simple redirection page to your own site.


The Domain Masking page is split into 4 different tabs: 

  1. Specify Domain
  2. Install Script on Your Domain
  3. Choose Links to Mask
  4. Summary

Step 1: Specify Domain - the specify domain tab is where you enter in your domain. This will allow you to mask our links as your domain name. Simply enter your domain name into the text field and click the Next button.


Step 2: Install Script on Your Domain - the install script on your domain tab is where you download the domain masking script to put on your server. To start, right click and save either the PHP or ASP link to download the Domain Masking Script. The next step is to upload the script to a location on your server. The final step is to specify the location of the script on your server in the text field located next to your domain name. You can click the Previous button to return back to the Specify Domain tab to edit your domain name or click the Next button to move on to step 3.


Step 3: Choose Links to Mask - the choose links to mask tab is where you select which links you wish to mask with the domain you specified in step 1. Simply check off which of the listed links you wish to mask with your domain; you can mask Add Product to Cart Links, Affiliate Tracking Links and Ad Tracking Links. You can return to the Install Script on Your Domain tab by clicking the Previous button or move on to the final step by clicking the Next button.


Step 4: Summary - the summary tab is the final step in the Domain Masking process. The summary tab displays your Script URL and the Script Version #. The links you masked with your domain name are also displayed in the Masked Links section. Click the Edit Settings button to further edit your domain masking settings; you can also click the Disable button which when accepted will reset all of the links in the system to the default settings.


Note: You must complete all 4 steps to successfully save your settings.

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