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The Attributes page is where you manage and create new product, category and global attributes.


You will first notice the Search and Create New Attribute buttons. Use the Search bar to search for specific product, category and global attributes you have previously created. The Create New Attribute button when clicked you will be taken to the Create Attribute page where you can create and save a new product, category or global attribute.


When you have created any attributes they will appear in the table below the Search bar and includes the following fields:

The Create Attribute page and the Edit Attribute page are were you create and modify your product, category or global attributes and contain the following fields:

The Save button will save all changes and the Save as New button will save your changes and create a new attribute with the same settings.


Note: You are limited to 100 attributes for each attribute type (product, category, global). If you need to create more attributes, you will have to delete previous attributes.

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