Analytics Reports

Return to the Analytics Menu


On the Analytics page, simply choose the type of report you would like to view, and enter the date variables you would like to display on the graph before clicking the Generate Report button to create and display your report. Specific variables you can use to define your report include: 

Different reports you can generate from this section include:

Once you have clicked the Generate Report button, a graph is displayed representing the data requested. All data is also available in table format directly below the graph. 


To the right of the chart you will see a legend, if applicable, and an option to export the report data. To export the information, simply choose the format you would like to export the data into (CSV, TSV, XLS, HTML, XML) and click the Export button. 


To the bottom right of the chart, you will see a small blue button with a magnifying glass in it. Clicking this button will open a larger version of the chart in a new window. 


For most reports, the bars that appear on the charts are clickable. Clicking the bars in a chart will either dig-down further to more detailed information, or take you to a related section of your account. 

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